(Yunglando going crazy)
Yeah, Yeah
Oh nah, nah, nah, nah
CMB (yeah)
Hood Rich
n*ggas talking on the gang yeah
n*ggas talking on the gang yeah, yeah
n*ggas talking on the gang yeah
n*ggas talking on the gang yeah

{Verse 1: Cmbjayy}
n*ggas keep on talking they don't really want no smoke now
I’m with the gang and we toting all the poles now
I'm in the trap and I'm whippin’ all these bricks (yeah)
If you keep on talking we gone pull up the sticks (yeah)
We got the Drakes and the AR
If you want that smoke we gone shoot it just like JR
Youn want no smoke n*gga you keep cappin' for the gram
I'm counting all these bands like I'm Uncle Sam
n*ggas really broke why you cappin'
When I spin yo ben last night you was lackin'
n*ggas really wack y'all ain't really counting stacks (yeah)
I’m in the trap and I’m rolling me a fat one
I'm rolling bones n*gga
You said you love me you ain’t never call my phone n*gga
I'll have your homie in the sky like a drone n*gga
I'm in the zone now
Don't call my phone now
I got these hoes now
I’m so tipsy, R.I.P. Nipsey
He was a real n*gga I am a real n*gga
We pull these big triggers
I'm counting 6 figures (yeah, yeah)
Imma pull off in the foreign
I got all these hoes and they really so boring
Yeah they is annoying
What am I pouring?
Yeah I'm of the lean, I got Robins on my jeans (yeah)
And I got a Glock and it came with a beam yeah
Imma Diddy Bop when I slide these n*gga
Imma Diddy Bop when I slide these n*gga
CMB yeah thats my gang
I got all these VVS diamonds on my chain (yeah)
Drippin' like some rain (yeah)
If you keep on talking we gone drop him
If you want that smoke n*gga yeah you got a problem (yeah, yeah)

{Chorus: Cmbjayy}
Imma slide with my n*ggas (yeah, yeah)
Imma slide with my n*ggas (yeah)

{Verse 2: KILLSURF}
Imma slide with my n*ggas in a hummer
I'm getting money, thinking about all lot of commas
He been talking down but I swear he don't want drama
He say one more thing we gone pull up with that Llama
I don't got no time to talk to none of y'all broke n*ggas
I was trying to find a way to my freakin' racks bigger
I was thinking ahead of time trying to get the bigger picture
But if he keep on talking down we gone have to pull that trigger (yeah)
He don't want no rec, we gone pull up on him we gone slide with a TEC
I be with them n*ggas that don't take no disrespect
Said he won't no problems, I told him its a bet
Send my goon on him, when I'm on a private jet
He just mad my pockets fatter
I was trying to get my life right and do better
Free my n*gga, yeah I gotta write a letter, and i got a four-five for that Beretta
I been getting money since Day 1, Cmbjayy swear to god thats' my day one
Claiming they some shooters but they flexing with the same gun
And my girl bad yeah she thick and she Blasian
(yeah) what you making in a day I be making in a hour, trying to stack my money make it taller than a tower
Smokin' on that good bag, yeah I'm smoking Dower
Like my last song I got "Moe Money" and more power

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