22:35 (Interlude) lyrics



[Verse: Yung C$]
Ayy, I knew that nobody knows
On my way to the G.O.A.T
Rappers, they know I ain't broke
Downing my trials, I choke, ayy
I feel phenomenal, A.J. Styles
Finna get signed, finna go the eight miles
I don't save tracks, I just make 'em better
I was on the 'Gram while you were sending love letters
Ricegum got cash but can't afford a hair brush
Crying 'bout your ex, look like a simp much
Actually, nevermind, I'm gon' save it for the diss
Aiming for the neck, you know I ain't gon' miss, ayy

[Outro: Yung C$]
Hand it back, yo
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