No Melody (22:41) lyrics



Yeah, yeah

Aim out my window with scope, f*ckin' your b*tch, she a ho
That b*tch got me chokin' her throat (Hmm), she got me here lickin' her toes (Yuck)
I got all different type flows (Hmm), I got all different type flows (Yeah)
I got a b*tch outta France, designer durag outta France (Ayy)
I got me a b*tch with no pants, she throwin' it back for her mans
And f*ck Sticky Cheese, little man
I supported you, Richie, I wanted to help you, but, man
You out here b*tchin' over your name, anymore sh*t and I might bring you pain
And I got a chain, and yeah, boy, it's designer
f*ck Coi, yeah, and whoevеr signed her (Damn)
I'm on the block, yеah, and I'm with my gunners
My ex talkin' sh*t, boy, I might go and run her
We listened to Cody, and boy, we went dumber
You scorin' in golf, but that noise got me under
Was feeling your sh*t-it in spring, before summer
But now you don't like me and that is a bummer
But how can I do this without you?
Oh, I just remembered, diss you for the clout, oh

Beep, beep-beep
Beep, beep-beep
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Skrrt, boo, boo, boo, brr
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