Peaches lyrics



[Chorus: RJLDiablo]
Peaches on a Sunday morning, oh
Every day I think of you
I remember driving at 3 A.M
To your house up by the south (Hmm)

[Verse: RJLDiablo]
It was cold and I needed a jacket
And there was snow so I couldn't pass it
No, and I love the way you throw your hair back behind your head
And sometimes, baby, I wish I was f*cking dead
But the drinking helps, oh
The drinking helps, oh
And I am just a jit tryna make it in this world, life's been hard, can't even wear a shirt
I wanna go back to when I was happy and life wasn't crappy
This ain't just the music, this the way I feel
But they don't listen to the lyrics, they don't want the feels
I'm a pus*y, I know
And I want to die
But I'm scared to die
I wanna say goodbye
But I wanna prove that I'm tough and that I ain't gonna cry
So I'ma get some cream and a peach and remember that I'm a stupid lil' jit

[Outro: Ray J]
R.J. Diablo, man, you know what it is
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