All My Pain In a Letter (Remix) lyrics



[Verse 1: RJLDiablo]
And I'm putting all my pain into this letter
'Cause I'm dealing with all this stress up in my mental
It ain't incidental (Ayy, nah), it ain't accidental
I lost my best friend to some stupid sh*t over a game
And he tried to tell the world that I hated all the gays
Tryna find who's gon' betray me and that I should get out of my way
Who's gonna be there for me when I'm feeling pain?
I lost four pets in one year, so don't tell me 'bout depression
I can't even see my nephew, so yeah, b*tch, I'm f*cking stressin'
You ain't ever been through pain like this and this my message
Don't say I ain't going through something if you just guessin'
And I'm putting all this f*cking pain in my letter
And my crush, I for real wan' wed her
But you gotta see the outcome at the end of the day
You ain't gettin' laid, I've delt with some b*tches before and I ain't afraid
And I lost two pets in a week so it's f*cking up my life
At this point, just slit my wrists open with a samurai knife
I listen to Donnie Katana beats on the streets when I'm alone
And they all thinkin' I beat my meat when I'm at home
When I'm really just crying over the sh*t that's going on in my house
I just wanna wash the pain away and flush it down the drought
Oh Lord, won't you hear me? Oh, can't you hear me?
I been praying to your religion
You should know this already, I'm a motherf*cking Christian
[Verse 2: SeaOhDeeWhy]
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