Nosebleed in 2014 Africa (bar mitzvah/Mista Alfabet) [Live] lyrics



[Intro: RJLDiablo]
Lyrical miracle indivual, spiritual
Lyrical, in a swimming pool
Lyrical, lyrical miracle
Yeah, yeah you know who it is, yeah
f*ck lil' rappers, lyrical rap for life
Yeah, you know Eminem be the GOAT though
f*ck ad-libs, f*ck Lil Pump
Yeah, and f*ck everyone with tattoos

[Verse: RJLDiablo & SeaOhDeeWhy]
Lyrical miracle indivual, spiritual, in a swimming pool
Syllable, lyrical miracle, syllable
Typical, syllable, criminal, pinnacle
Biblical, pitiful, miserable, mythical, digital
Minimal! Visual, visible, clinical
Principle, rebuttal, pivital, quizzical
Fixable, physical, lyrical, critical
Livable, imbicile, illegal, intregal
Cynical, immortal, multiple, terrible
Horrible, cannibal, medical, eternal
Animal, beautiful, actual, capable
Cereal, mystical, capital, politic-
Lyrical miracle spiritual political indiv-
In-Invisible, original
Invincible, despicable, satirical, predictible
Resiprocal, equivocal, unthinkable, medicinable
Occipital, formidable, municipal, hospitable
Eligible, divisible, unsinkable
Fashionable, manageable
Forgivable, amicable, admissable
Salvageable, punishable, unwinnable
(Bro, it's turning into Clipping)
Permissible, veritable, provisional, divisional
Impossible, incredible
Unstoppable, subliminal, spiritual, material
Indivual, unpredictable, unequivocal
Irrestistable, unforgiveable, inexplicable
Inhospitable, impressionable, aboriginal
Alright, bro, time for the fast part (Ahh)
Skull, dull, will, cul
Gull, tull, null, mull
Hull, sul, lull, U.I
Uncle, struggle, jungle
Couple, puzzle, humble
Bubble, trouble, double
Stumble, hustle, muscle
Subtle, cruddle, puddle
Knuckle, fumble, juggle
Chuckle, mumble, muzzle
Bundle, huddle, tumble
Shuttle, frontal
Lyrical miracle indivual spiritual in your swimming pool
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