4 a.m. lyrics



[Verse 1: RJLDiablo]
It's like four in the morning and I'm feeling suicidal
Snore Z's forever, man, I ain't talking Tidal
I wanna leave my hat red just like I support Trump
Wanna crack my head open when I fall off of the bunk
And I just want to be dead (Dead), gun beside my bed (Bed)
Aim it at my head (Head), when it go "bang" it's 4 a.m. (It's 4 a.m.)
Mmh, mmh, knife by my neck
Boy, I wanna die where they will not check
Like mmh, mmh, I am depressed
Wanna leave this world because I am stressed
Boy, I just wanna cry, but I can't because I'm dead
So I do it inside, but the demons they stuck in my head
I do not wanna lie, I got people on the line
And I got a Glock .9, so who really wanna mess with me?
Man, who really wanna test a G?

[Bridge: RJLDiablo]
Man, I keep a Glock stocked in my pocket, it's my rocket
It go "bang" at your gang, and your fam, they ain't mans
They just b*tches all over, whip up in a Rover
You wanna talk that sh*t but that Glock gon' run ya' over

[Open Verse]
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