Angel Livin’ (Intro) lyrics



Yeah, this is that real music, this is that, this is that RJangeL
Yeah, you haven't seen me in, like, a year, innit
Yeah, my name's RJangeL and you are sus
Touch my willie and it makes me bust
If you're a devil then our halo's gon' bust
If a girl wanna touch me then I'll say, "You must"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, Kylie Jenner looks like a man
I'm angel, my beep, you my fam
My name is RJangeL and I got a van
My name's RJangeL, welcome to my EP, lil' man


She wanna jack me off, so I lend her a hand

[Verse 2]
Told her go to
She wanna frick, but no, b*tch, I get cash
I'm a drug dealer, yeah, you know that I sell hash
No, I'm not to be trusted with your kids, shawty, forget that
Ah, yeah

[Verse 3]
I was in Walmart when I saw a toddler
Yeah, I took her in my van, you know I got her
Yeah, you know I'm a registered criminal
And you know know that, that I'ma kill 'em all

[Verse 4]
Yeah, this is that real rap, you are just real crap
SeaOhDeeWhy is the imposter, if I pull up, you know I got ya
Yeah, I do TiKTok dances with Charli D'Melio
You are not appealing, yo
Ohh sh*t!
You know I'm spitting fire in the booth
You know RJangeL, he be spitting the truth
But you never in the booth
You're just taking a poo through the roof
'Cause it's so tall 'cause you talk so much sh*t
Uh, yeah
'Cause I'm an angel, unlike you, you're a devil
And no one likes devils
You eat Revels
And you're terrible
You look like you smell, yuh
Mmh, uh
Yuh, I look through the window and I see a kid
But the bum is big and it's not fit
And it's not my type either, yuh
You are not my type, you just typewrite
You are not nice, you are fat
You look like a baseball bat
You look like a basketball, but you don't have balls
And touch my balls
N-No, not them ones! Not them ones!
I mean, I mean, my basketball, the basketball is the one you should be touching
Not that one! That's innapropriate! You shouldn't be doing that
You shouldn't be doing that, stop, that's sinful
You shouldn't be doing that, I'm gonna sue you
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