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[Verse 1]
I think I gotta tell 'em we just friends
Nowadays I thought that everybody could trust friends
I just wanted somethin' more, maybe a girlfriend
But we can see how this works out by the month's end
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I think we need to tell 'em that it's complicated
You want me to go kill, yeah, but the cops would hate it
And I'm not that rated, it just kinda feels like I'm persuaded
And I got faded, now I'm jaded
Yeah, yeah, yeah
This girl don't want time, she just wants me to f*ck
This girl don't like verses, she just wants hеr a hook
This girl in my mind, and I don't like how it looks
My future's looking bleak, I can just tеll from the book
Yeah, yeah, yeah
She just wanna feel some feelings, doesn't care if it hurts
We've both been through that already, we just hoping it works
That's why she doesn't want it, and, man, f*ck it, I see why
I been cooking with Sea-Why, everyone knows that I need mine
But f*ck it, I'ma take her to the movies
Nothing takes the pain away like looking at the blue-screen
We sit one seat apart because this rope is hanging loosely
She got several men, everyone's calling her a loose-leaf
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I thought that I was winning but I guess I'm just losing
People think she's nothing, think she's for picking and choosing
She calls me up every week, says that I'm just a loose link
'Cause she got a man and she doesn't wanna lose him
Yeah, she says he's no good at the sex
And if the word spreads then he's gon' lose respect
And he's the best in her life, so she comes back to me
I leave for a minute then she runs back to me, yeah
But I know that karma's comin'
I've been sinnin' 'stead of singin', but I'm on to somethin'
I know a monster's comin', I know that death is comin', yeah
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