"Angels & Demons (acoustic)"

[Verse 1]
Two face, two face, yeah
Black, white, left, right, yeah
Up, down, all night, yeah
Can't escape it ever
Don't forget my name
I don't feel the same
On a trip, no train

And all these angels and demons
Keep shoutin' and screamin'
I'm fallin' from Eden

So f*ck me like a rockstar, dancing on a cop car
Nothin' in the world can stop me now
f*cked up like a rockstar, riding in a cop car
No one in the world can help me out

[Verse 2]
Everybody said that I'm falling, uh
Took another line, I'm calling, uh
I'm so sick of the nonsense, uh
I'ma dive into the mosh pit, uh
I don't really think I'm the problem
I don't really think it's a problem
Me plus me is a problem
One gunshot could solve 'em
Tell my friends I'm sorry though
T-T-T-Tell my sins to go
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