I Injected Heroin Into a Vein and Felt Relieved lyrics




[Verse 1: Ruby da Cherry]
They figure me a dead motherf*cker
But I'm just a motherf*cker that wanna be dead
Snow Leopard with the lead in his head, turnin' me into a sweater
b*tches use me as their f*cking bedspread
I be the silhouette of a sunset
Smoke a cigarette while I compress my depression
Stare into the violet fluorescent lights, makes me violent
I'm tryna get the highest I can get before I overdose and die
My ribs are nothing but an empty cage, black hole in my chest
Big bang, Yung Plague on the tip of a wave
In my head, I feel like I'm a guest, so I'ma throw it all away
Because when I am dead, I will be nothing decomposin' in a grave
I'm matter, but I don't matter
I can feel my skull shatter from the dull chatter
Brain splattered on the wall
Grey stains won't dissolve, gonna have to paint it all


[Verse 2: $lick $loth]
Always boasting my emotions on how I'm so f*cking broken
Think I'm joking when I'm talkin' about blowing my head open
'Til the moment you walk in and find my body motionless
Wrists slit, thoughts of $licky falling in an open pit, sh*t
Always burn my bridges 'cause I'd rather fall in ditches
If life's a game of inches, then my di*k has been the biggest
And my goal's to f*ck the world until that motherf*cker's twitchin'
Lane switchin', same mission, to die and blame my addiction, b*tch
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