North $ide $uicide lyrics



[Verse 1: Scrim]
(Northside) Ayy
Rolling with them animals like Noah's Ark (Wah)
b*tch, I got the blade like I'm Joan of Arc (Yah)
Crazy with the chop when I'm off a bar (Ayy)
Spraying in the air hollering, "Kill 'em all" (Aah)
Slick baby off of that sh*t (Ah)
Devil from outta that pit (Ah)
Levels to this I been sick (Ah)
f*ck it up, up in the pit (Ayy, Northside)
I been popping pills and sipping drop (Sipping drop)
I spent 20 years up on that block (Up on that block)
Beatin' on my chest I feel like Kong (I feel like Kong)
What? (Urrgh)

[Verse 2: Ruby Da Cherry]
Never lookin' back (Yeah)
Do my best to cover my tracks (Yeah)
Feeding the monkey that's climbing my spine
And in return my itches always get scratched (Uh)
Never again have to wait in a line
But I wait for the lines to get formed out the sack (Oh)
f*cking a different b*tch every night (Oh)
But I'd rather get f*cked up and pass out
Platinum plaques (Oh), stadiums packed (Oh)
Stacking up racks (Oh), hoes on my lap (Oh)
Don't give a f*ck I need to know where my stash at (Oh)
Losing my mind (Oh)
Wasting my time (Oh)
Ain't doing fine (Oh)
Hating my life (Oh)
Ah, f*ck
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