2 Da Top ! lyrics



Light it up Lucca

[Verse: 1]
f*ck then leave ain’t no time for hulu
762. in that clip yea it could go through you
Trynna get a band
Trynna get that rich that’s on my todo
My n*ggas like a DAW
I ain’t talking bout no f*cking fruit loops
Cuz they my DAWG
Hellcat going off lil n*gga
Yea we making it fog
Tell that b*tch to f*cking bounce
Yea she jump like a frog
My homie keep a f*cking stick
Yea he keeping a log
Your gang is soft as f*ck
Lil n*gga like a f*cking pillow
n*gga spin his block
Balling like Dwayne
I ain’t talking bout the rock
Choppa Sofaygo yea
The way it Knock Knock
He’s mad that his b*tch
Play me on the f*cking AUX
[Verse: 2]
Oh Lil Uzi yea that’s a rack
Hit a model b*tch yea from the back
I’m at his crib like where you at
Goyard f*cking bag yea
That’s where the pole at
Off-White T-Shirt Amiri jeans first
Bought that b*tch a double C bag
I still won’t keep her
I ain’t Lucki for that b*tch lil n*gga
I will leave her
Balenci on the shoes man
Who is you man
Diamonds sick like flu man
Rollie wrist is 2-tan
Three K’s like the Klu Klan
Yea i keep a two man
She wanna go on two man
I block that b*tch she so mad
Want this fame like so bad
Still pray to god for what i have
This a bentley n*gga ain’t no tonka truck
Like its triple X lil n*gga get a tummy tuck
Yea da choppa f*ck you up
You get a uppercut
We squeeze that motherf*cking trigger
Like a rubber duck
Told that n*gga yea that sh*t i got full auto
Three of us up in that whip like Grand Theft Auto
Told that girl to call my phone like yea tommrow
That b*tch see my insta now she gon follow
All white is the fit lil n*gga dressed up like i’m Skips yea
You say you got some motion but nah you is schizing
Making f*cking bread like a chief in the kitchen
You don’t want no smoke don’t want no job don’t want no business
[Verse: 3]
Got more guns then BO2
She want the meat she want the food
I want the bands i want the loot
I want those pants i want that coupe
She want me b*tch i want her to
Bad ass b*tch from malibu
In the desert like its Dune
Be up all night i see the moon
Me and $leepy we sleepy off the lean we can not walk
My n*gga PJ he got the ARP’s and got the chops
Like a beacon we light up shows lil n*gga when we talk
Left him leaking cuz he talked on RB$ the squad
Condos with expensive arts with some f*cking persian rugs
I still pray to god remember we ain’t have no cloth
Now i’m hoping RB$ can make it to the top
I’ll buy them all some SRT’s when i get money yea

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