J.ust keeps getting worse, doesn’t it? [introsh*t] lyrics



[Sample: 911 operator & Nicky]
You're into nine-one-one...
Help me, my brother's dead!
What's your name?
What do you mean by your brother's dead?
He killed himself!
How did he do it?
With a gun!
Okay, are you home alone?
I'm home alone with my sister!
Get someone here quickly!
Did you just find him, Nicky?
Yeah, and now he's dead! *cries hysterically*
Nicky, stay on the phone with me, hun, okay?
Why'd you do it?!
Nicky, I've got help on the way, you just wait a minute, okay?
Hurry, please...
Nicky, don't hang up on me, okay?
I wont, just crying... *cries hysterically*
*cries hysterically*
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