Big Blood lyrics


Jdot Breezy

(Phew, Phew, Phew phew)
Glock, SRT on every Glock
What we on bro
Ion know what you on 4
sh*t, we on sum 6k sh*t, that's all I know

[Verse 1: J4 Krazy]
They were never on the block, we was slidin' by
Wanna wait till we leave the city, poppin' out
Just send me a low, I'm rockin' out
n*gga know [?] make Glocks hot
If we up on the score let's talk about it
Got a fourty round mag in this AR now
So I wish a n*gga would try to stomp me out
You ain't even got a body tryna hang around
Tell me why they f*ck n*ggas so gangsta now
Guess all that clout worth staking out
Them .556 don't play around, ill leave n*gga braids just hangin' out
Got a b*tch at yo door tryna get in yo house, walk through the threshold, we gon' blow you down
Ain't no rolling on the floor, I'll shoot at thе ground
I'll tie yo ass up, keep running yo mouth
Imma evil ass n*gga, toting plenty guns, my еvil ass twin keep droppin' funds
Twenty racks on your cap, you f*ckin' done
I'm a real ass wolf, like to f*ckin' hunt
I be in my bag, I love to stunt
This green flag sh*t, big blood or sum
You related to the opps, come f*ck or sum
This a hellcat, what you gon' duck or sum?
I love to have to put a n*gga up or sum
My opps so broke, they love to lack
Call me a yes man, I love to clap
I'm a real deal vet, no f*ckin' bap
These fan ass n*ggas ain't blowin' stick, these pus*y ass n*ggas just love to rap
n*ggas speaking on bro, got my heart so cold, gotta choppa finna take a n*gga off the map
Sell dope that's bool, n*gga ain't sh*t cool, we gon' catch a n*gga walkin up out the trap
This rap money got my pockets fat
It's a fat n*gga head, finna earn his stat
n*gga love them shots, why they call em crack
Ridin' round in my city try a make a pack
Glock 30, wit' a 30 left n*gga ass hurtin', n*gga seen me shootin' then ran and left

[Verse 2: Jdot Breezy]
Ay, big drac' leave a n*gga ass stank, fat wood 35 this dank
I was in the trap cuttin' up them pies, got rap money now take twenty out the bank
Get shot in yo face, better watch what you say
Won't spare nun' n*gga, you'll be a new case
I'm a thug to the end, give a f*ck what they say
Big blood, red flag, they gon' shoot when I say
I just want more bodies that's it
Better move right, last n*gga got hit, n*gga felt that blick
Got thirty in this stick, Steph Curry wit' a switch, run down don't miss
n*gga talk that sh*t, but I made that list, put a bag on yo head they gon' get you jit
Got a problem wit' a opp, imma get that fixed, they ain't never no bop, all these hoes suck di*k, uh
I just pooped two X, f*ck n*gga don't ask where my ku at
R double U we shoot, we'll do that, we one hit shh, f*ck n*gga you knew that
f*ck n*gga tried to silde but he got his cap blew back
Take one of mine, we gon' come and get a new hat
We just go a new lo', let's slide, got a new gat
They ain't never at outside, f*ck n*gga where yo crew at?
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