It Ain’t Yours Anymore lyrics


Paul Heaton + Jacqui Abbott

Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh
Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah ah

[Verse 1]
Would you call Epsom races, with hordes of white faces
Racist, or chavvy, or worse?
And who calls a member of parliament caught
By Hampstead Heath police perverse?

Would you Royal Ascot a meatmarket?
Like you do the places we go?
'Cause Henley Regatta, it don't really matter
The yacht you got but who you know

It's always Oxford versus Cambridge
A boat race, but much, much more
Try turning up at Putney Bridge
And soon you'll get to know the score

You're Chelsea, you're Palace, you're Fulham
But your feet won't touch the floor
You sing, 'This City is Yours' (or I)
Afraid it ain't yours anymore
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