Spudd the Jeweler lyrics


BFB Da Packman

[Intro: BFB Da Packman]
(What you wanna smoke, some zazas? I brought a 'bow out)
Let's get it, Caasi
(I'm so proud of you, Caasi)
(The Lunch Crew Company)

[Verse 1: BFB Da Packman]
I'm in North Flint with a hot thottie
Pray over the pus*y 'fore I f*ck 'cause the crotch godly
It ain't trickin', b*tch, I got a hundred for the slop toppy
Bling-bling came from Spudd the Jeweler, this is not Wafi
My page got deleted, it did not stop me
Give me twelve months, fat boy comin' drop 'Rari
I don't want a virgin, bae, I love a ho that got mileage
Tell Tati Miller I wanna sip on that hot chocolate
I feel like Michael Jackson
Bad b*tches f*ck me 'cause I'm funny, 'cause I'm hardly handsome
Rolls-Royce Cullinan me, Sneak up in a Phantom
Gettin' head from a white b*tch that got a lot of dandruff
b*tch, it's BFB Da Packman
Actin' up in mask, jit gettin' a lap dance
You broke as f*ck if your car ain't got a back cam
p*ssin' Wock' for a week straight, I need a CAT scan
b*tch, leave me 'lone
Fat boy ballin' super hard, I could beat LeBron
Grew up on beans and hot dogs, now we eatin' prawns
I could never wife one of these hoes, that'd be haram
Two deep with three blicks, me and Terri B
Mister baptize a whole brick 'til it can barely breathe
Is that a hair bump on your coochie? That sh*t scarin' me
She went through my phone when I was sleep, now she barely eat
[Verse 2: KrispyLife Kidd]
Your baby daddy in competition, he need a different hobby (Lame)
Just got a new crib, my living room got a lobby
I sip Trish, but, come on, bring me in some Wocky (Come on)
Lot of ice on my body, I done slipped playin' hockey (Bling)
Mean n*gga, walk around with an attitude (f*ck?)
She suck my di*k, I shot my kids in her gap, she snaggletooth (Damn)
Play with one of us and we'll get your cabbage blew (Baow)
F&N turn a n*gga brains into maggot food
KrispyLife violent, I'm a fat ninja
You took a flick with your man's money, that's a cap picture (Liar)
I don't really like n*ggas, house n*gga, yeah, I'm that n*gga
Four-five spit kinda slow, but'll break your back with it (Man)
Get a Birkin, baby, just play your cards right
Freaky, when my auntie hug me, I be gettin' hard pipe
Took a Perc', did some mushrooms, I hit Mars twice
b*tch hair ugly, but I was horny, I hit Marge twice (f*ck Homer)

[Verse 3: Babyfxce E]
I already seen this sh*t comin', I feel like the Simpsons
Dog don't wanna do no donuts 'cause that b*tch a rental
Bullets in the chop like brain food because it touch his mental
Hit him in his temp' from down the street, I did it with a pistol
Four-five exact, I did it with a nickel
Four hoes all got cracked, I put it on my finsta
If it's a switchy on the back, don't put it in my picture
If I really like the cat, I put you in my mentions
Dumb b*tch, I just wanna f*ck, I don't love sh*t
Dropped some songs for a couple months and got a hun' quick
Put some padding on the ARP because the gun kick
I can't trust my Glock 23 because that gun switch
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