Lean Break 2 lyrics


BFB Da Packman

Reason I say pus*y's cleanest thing on a b*tch body
'Cause when she p*ss, she wash it, when she c*m, she starch it
When she sit on it, she press the motherf*cker
It's like comin' out the motherf*ckin' cleaners (Ooh)

[Verse 1]
Stumbled up on a pint of Act', now I'm actin' different
No alcohol for me, fried food gave me fatty liver
Baby mama called and said granny want half a chicken
Almost gave granny a half a brick, gotta be more specific
I love a fat ass, my bucket list to f*ck a midget
Cousins used to gang up just to jump me, ma, come and get me
Tired of suckin' nipples, hit Colombia and bought her titties
I trick on Wockhardt and women, call me Boston Sippy
(You get it? Like Boston T— okay, never mind, okay)
I had the gap-toothed smile, braces made it up
I charged a n*gga five for a pint 'cause inflation up
She squirt, then we both lay in it, b*tch, we baby nuts

Okay, like, you get me?
Like, like, a— like, a baby wear a diaper, so
You know what I mean? Like, they don't change
So, you know, it's like
f*ck it, let's go
[Verse 2]
I'm not an average dude
Can't see my di*k when I look down, got me mad at food
Kalani like his daddy, can't be mad if he act bad in school
My n*gga pimp hoes and fight dogs, he a pastor too
Durk said his lyrics not real, I'm a capper too
My n*gga said he don't know his daddy, I'm a bast*rd too
Dana White ain't do nothin' wrong, I would've slapped her too
Can never sl*t-shame Meg Thee Stallion, I'm nasty too

Damn, Meg, you hell
Okay, let's go

[Verse 3]
Haha, shout out Brittany Renner
I told my girl I'm done cheatin' this year, gotta reconsider
We don't do runners, that's the quickest way to get convicted
Walk around with dog sh*t in my jeans, I need some different britches
I'm a naughty n*gga
I'm nervous ever since I got rich, kept the roddy with me
I keep dog sh*t, mama said keep a potty with me
Hoo, I be talkin' spice
Can't have a simple convo with my b*tch, she always wanna fight
Fanta for the new lean sippers, bae, I want a Sprite
And I'll leave her ass where she at if she don't f*ck tonight
My buzz died down, I'm on a big grind
Ugly fat Black ghetto n*gga, but my b*tch fine
For all the days and nights she hit a n*gga with the guck-guck
Hand-twister blitzer, just for that, I made her wrist shine
I'm a certified lover boy, that's appreciation
HIV rates super high, don't wanna be a player
If my dog die like Biggie did, I'ma see him later
But if the b*tch bad like Faith Evans, I'ma Stevie J her
Okay, I'm done, my last request, I need a Skittle deal
Take the condom off and feel a rush, you gotta live a little
Lizzo chose that n*gga over me, I'm in my feelings still
God won't protect me from a b*tch, the penicillin will
(The Lunch Crew Company)
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