GrindHard Therapy lyrics


BFB Da Packman

[Verse 1: BFB Da Packman & Starlito]
I got issues that I can't solve (Who the f*ck is Big Drice?)
Scared to go back broke, reason I can't ball
My baby mama so bitter now that I can't call
Thought money make you happy, but my life is so hard
My daddy wasn't there, left me so scarred
To the point I baby my sons so they won't fall
People call with they problems and I just fix all odds
My cousin a convicted felon, he just caught a dope charge (The Lunch Crew Company)
Man, I'm knowin' he gon' call me today
But I come through every time, his lawyer know I'ma pay
All these people steady beggin' and I'm low on the cake
I feel like God ain't comin' through, got me low on my faith
Forgive me, Lord, I be stressed out so often
Baby think I want some pus*y, please get this lil' ho off me
Havin' syrup withdrawals while I'm drinkin' a cold coffee
Thinkin' life was way easier back at the post office
Cold sweats, wakin' up, my clothes soggy
I need some time to myself, should go golfin'
I be 'noid around the whites, I be thinkin' they gon' chalk me
'Cause a misunderstanding, they grew up with no culture
Just took a ride by myself, need no talkin'
Bumpin' Payroll Giovanni and Cardo, the Big Bossin
Gave me confidence I needed in life to go farther
Sellin' dope on the side, come get these lil' 'bows off me
My mind weak as a b*tch, I'm fightin' a different beast
Mama say I'm gon' be deceased, I'm back to sippin' lean
It's hard to keep blood in your body when you around a leech
I'm sorry for bringin' all of my problems to you on Christmas Eve (Hold up)
I'm sorry, bringin' all of my problems to you on Christmas Eve (Nah)
Yeah, I said I'm sorry (Ayy)
[Verse 2: Starlito]
No apology necessary, it's probably hereditary
'Cause I just told my daughter that she gotta be legendary
I don't do resolutions, but my prophecy monetary
I manifest a quarter-million dollars this February
Dodgin' obituaries and startin' subsidiary
I listened to di*k Gregory and got me a secretary
Got a lot of problems I don't care to repair
How I go from the patient to the therapist chair?
So you grew up on my music, I'm aware, that's fair
It was a lot of thoughts that I ain't share, I was scared
I respect that you vulnerable to the truth, yeah, that's honorable
I inherited people's problems, ain't hold 'em accountable
I got counted out by the same people I was countin' on
Left me full of resentment, a lot of tension
I'm just ventin', but I should mention
Ain't nothin' wrong with the post office job, at least it got a pension
I grind relentless and mind my business
But if I could quit syrup, then you can, just try to listen
To your inner voice, it got plenty wisdom
Now, where I send this invoice for this intervention? (Lito)
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