Ice Pack lyrics


BFB Da Packman

[Intro: BFB Da Packman]
Let's get right, Caasi, yeah
(I'm so proud of you, Caasi)

[Verse 1: BFB Da Packman]
Ridin' with that chopper in the front seat (Brrt)
I got funny bars, but ain't nan' n*gga mush me
Switchy on this b*tch'll turn a n*gga to some lunch meat
Vrrr (The Lunch Crew Company, pus*y-ass n*gga)
I was trappin' before rappin', it was God-given
Be with grimy n*ggas, all felons, they just rob n*ggas
Cut my baby mama off, the stupid b*tch wouldn't stop strippin'
(f*ck she mean? n*gga, I got pape', f*ck you mean?)
I'm with BabyDrill
I dress like sh*t, but these hoes know I got pape' for real (Facts)
Rap Adam Sandler, in the Scat playin' Haitian Bill
Give me melatonin, Wock', and water, I can make a seal (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
b*tch cheatin' on you 'cause you lazy and can't pay a bill (Broke-ass n*gga)
n*ggas ain't gangster, only tough when thеy take them pills (Uh-uh)
Your mans got dropped, you wеnt in hidin' like you hate the drills (Hide-and-seek-ass n*ggas)
In a safe place, holdin' guns on Insta', makin' Reels
n*ggas sad as hell
She said, "Put on a condom or you can't f*ck," I was mad as hell (Uh-uh)
I'ma get rich or die tryin' or it's back to jail
Seen n*ggas gettin' money in my hood, I had to add myself (On God, n*gga, I had to get the pape')
Can't be fat and broke
I kept my phone slappin' 'cause I gave the fiends the antidote (Yop)
I'm tryna build a house when granny asked me what these hammers for (Yeah)
We haven't talked in years 'cause I was servin' my granddaddy dope
[Verse 2: Icewear Vezzo]
Shoot 'em down, I be movin' 'round, we trappin' food and rhymes
Bro get off them pills and just tweak out, he don't know who to slime
n*ggas think they hot 'til we go fan, that b*tch gon' cool 'em down
Got a fetty plug in Mexico, his ass from Culiacán
I get tired of f*ckin' on these thots, I want the bougie friend
Flood the Rollie, fifty-pointer rocks, it do the Uzi dance
Have my ho bring Birkin to my show, we got a toolie in
Got a fifty drum sittin' in the Glock, look like a Louis bag
(Iced Up Records), ooh, I get to spazzin' sh*t
Cuddy said that dog'll take a three, he just be addin' sh*t
Big crib with twenty-car garage, it got a landing strip
Walk around, three hundred racks in cash on some random sh*t
You the type be rappin' n*ggas' life, you ain't got no scars
White sticks, flood them sh*ts with ice, look like a snowball
Will just caught a body at the store, he think he O-Dog
Trap n*gga, rob him for that cash for tryna lowball
In the hood, got auntie at the spot, this sh*t like Snowfall
Code talk, we say that bag just touched, we sent a postcard
My shooter always itchin' for a hit, they think he smoke hard
Rich as f*ck, just stuffed a half a ticket in the Goyard
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