Double Iz

"No Hook(28A X YMC X OSB)"

[Verse 1:R.MK]
The opps add Ks and they don't catch Ks, they ain't touched one of my mates
I'm on the block with a CS on my waist, any opps get spot, get sent 6ft down kway
OSB, we don't do it for the Gain, we just rise up and we blaze mans face
You can shoot your shots as much as you want but them shots won't hurt cah them shots there fake
And name one guy that you touched from my batch and name one guy that you put in your benz
Clearly mans insane MK only runs from the boys in Black
****** bored man in his face and he walking free cah he showed no face
Best you don't lack round us cah lord knows all my guys OJ

[Verse 2: B2K]
Breezy, Short dot dot come like Kones
Bro still taking risks do i it like Crackhead Blackz
Got bits and both
Man just Skid and skert, skid then go like sh*t then bro
Breezy been riding nuff on the maddest stuff and the pigs dont know
I've been out tryna take mans soul
Man Hop out the Vauxhall
Bare grap bap that's bludclart awful
Man rap bout facts that normal
Opps know bout B2K Im Immortal
Man might back out the P's fill it with Teej back out the ormal

[Verse 3: JB]
Dot dot wave everybody get bun, dot dot wave man black out your lungs, YMC Driller, Anti Soldier
I’ve mashed in traps and hustled in flats, boy you ain’t mad, some faggot of a man
We bucked KD live in the flesh and he said he weren’t mad, that packs we flied it
He said he weren’t on to the mandem but he’s on My cuz so I still fished him
Bro said his light comes better than mine, lets’s go compare it, simples
I Put food in packs no tinsels
Load the dot dot and watch them all run when it jingles
I just got a packet of smoke, but you can hold one, that’s a singles

[Verse 4: Double Iz]
Samurai Dippings
Chinese ting no ching chong ting
No gogglebox ting man scope it
You don't know how SB living
Frontstreet Xing Xhao and fishing
All My Old friend on my hitlists
Some are dead and Ty in Prison
Im a brick in the system
Waps and kitchens
Me and the 28 like Siblings
That was bro bro for years
But from there now he a opp boy
What you know but Contract missions
One hand on the scissors
One hand on the hammer, Likkleman i ain't capping
Anti Marksman i did that
Back the dot dot make him fly like pigeons

[Verse 5:Top Stacker]
Tell a yute don't fidget like Fam act normal
A single move can get your head dented
Opp block skiddin Samurai dipping
Your on the hitlist so i guess you're p*ssed
I Lost my voice telling man stop running
Bros got bells for the sawn-off pump
He ain't tryna miss one
Mess with me il black out your lungs
But I hold it up, hold tings from the CID
All the opps get f*cked up
On the net your talking sh*t
Real life your getting ducked
Batty man go suck your mum
We do late night camp out on opp blocks
Big f*ck off madmax and bells

[Verse 6:Ws]
None can tell me bout both, nor can they tell me bout sticks and stones
Free TK got bagged in o, big on your block with a strap in my coat
Anybody trip getting cheffed with a chrome, foot or peds no cabs involved
Love chattin for the views mans chattin loads, love chattin for the views mans chattin loads
You can catch me on my paigon strip, with a sword on my hip get a crucial dip
Can't come round with shanks no more cause he know that I'm really tryna take mans soul
Back out the 27 inch, tryna see mans flesh unfold
Leap out hack victims as well for chatting like they on road as well

[Verse 7:Gasher]
Say Anti K But never come round
S-Man Got caunght and ran
Dudu crash love that sound
Get round there ching then bounce
Or ride to the block and finesse mans ounce
Weird how i run in then dash straight out
Mandem fly kick that door right down
Caught man playing GTA on the couch
If that ting jam its f*cking hopless
Invest in smoke I ain't buying no clothes
Gashway way to bunny on road
And i ain't tryna hear that you ain't involved
28Anti til im dead
Catch me posted up in the ends
And im the knig of making bread
He just want to fish the bones out your head

[Verse 8: K1]
Serious, Serious, mandem far from innocent
Anti Hitman active militant
Would of thought i am artificial inteligence
Two man on a ped on oppblock residence
Circle once what where likkleman stop gemming it
Nothing got bunned so the gun there celibate
Say you're on man? That's irrelevant
Big Rambo cah the flick dead delicate
Man don't tolerate verbal
Horrid Henry Hand turn Purple
Tenage mutant ninja turtles
Freddie and Jason— Anti Circle
Sav on the K, that's normal (No)
Catch man at work when he looking formal
Doing it and chill that's normal (No)
Way he dipped that guy f*cking awful

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