K.A.A.N. & FloFilz


[Verse 1]
This weed got me high as the Space Needle
Tower over tabernacles and cathedrals
Residing with animals, all of us living illegal
We passing roaches, burning our fingertips in a Buick Regal
Plotting on turning nothing to something, plan it like Bugsy Siegel
Watch they evils, sea full of predators, seafood how they see you
So deceitful, hard to disguise your sins when that sin is lethal
Flames below your steeple, it was peaceful 'fore that heat hit
They packaging up the same old gimmicks, that's just the remix
Temptations of the flesh, that's just a cheap trick
That real spit got lost in '96 and ain't been seen since
Them waves don't last forever, when your ship sink it's gon' sink quick
Contrary to popular belief and what you thinking, god

I reside (I reside)
I remain (I remain)
Still the same (Still the same)
Never change (Never change)
I ain't a rapper, I'm a entrepreneur
These rhymes hand-written, woven like it's silk or velour
We Van Damme, kicking knowledge you can't buy at the store
We sharpen metal and swords, these metaphors like a D1 sport
Who want war, we can bring it to your door
How we serve it to 'em, raw, raw, raw, raw
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