Fetty Wap


[Fetty Wap]
Ay, 100k on me that's fine (yeah)
Ay, bad b*tches callin my line (yeah)
Ay, I'mma turn it up every time (yeah)
Ay, if you see your woman, that's mine (yeah)
Ay, pull up, n*gga [?] on gang (yeah)
Ay, I just put a bag in the [?] (yeah)
Ay, fast car, I'mma do the dab (yeah)
Ay, swimming in the pus*y, I'mma splash (splash)

Ay, all I know is [?] to the cash, baby
Ay, running with the money, move it fast, baby
Ay, wake up [?]
Ay, [?]

[Just Chase]
Ay, pull on a scene with the [?]
Cause [?] got a foreign b*tch
[?] sorry, yeah
All I know, some di*k [?]
[?] gang we feel the [?]
[?] we feeling great

And I feel alive, no one [?] and I feel alive
Feel alive, thought you want my [?] and I feel alive
Don't you [?], don't you play her mind, no
[?] picking sides
No more games (no more games)

[Fetty Wap]
Are you in love with my kitchen
Wanna whip it with your [?]
Are you [?] block
They gon' tell you I'm the man
Fell in love with the Guap, [?]
Gang gang n*ggas, I don't think they understand
Up with the [?] I'm like what they do [?]
[?] on my chain, then it's me and you, baby, yeah
Know my name, I'm [?]
Money makin n*ggas, oh, I'm gon' get it quicker, oh
Ay, [?] with my n*ggas, oh
Yeah, ay

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