MY EYES (Reference) lyrics


Justin Vernon

[Intro: Justin Vernon]
When I stare in your eyes
You'll be there forever
To watch our life (To watch our life together)
You just like going to Heaven (My heart)
Oh, where are you taking me? (Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah)
I'm fallin' and I'm drownin'
But you're takin' me

[Verse: Dua Saleh]
Rollie Pollie on my wrist
Gotta make a flight, big day, slummin' no FaceTime
Ten K, wonderin' why I'm stormin' off, no race
Emboldened by the bliss
I was swollen by the kiss
Late from the country catеrs
No peacemaker, I sweep up casеs
Goin' on a walk with a new suit armor
But new suit dead, Bottega, that's on it
Give me the heat from the sleep, then I harm her
Cupid creep in, sleep with a Hummer
Three time to get me T-T-T'd
Still same phone, AT&T-T
Still givin' news very vividly
Beefin' up, f*ck a beef
Smokin' on some vegetari' (Huh)
I need no beef, no cheese (Yeah)
Even when I eat, they cheat (Uh)
Every time we meet, naive
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