DJ Quik

"Just Lyke Compton (Live)"

[Verse 1]
I'm finally out the motherf*ckin' CPT
I'm off to other cities and sh*t
No longer just an underground hit
Movin' thangs, a motherf*cker made good
I made a name off of makin' tapes for n*ggas in the hood
And now, let me tell a little story
About the places that I been to and the sh*t that I been through
Like fightin' and shootouts and bangin' and sh*t
All because a n*gga made a hit, check it
1991, it was double or nothin' that a n*gga would hit
Then we broke out with the fonky sh*t
About b*tches and n*ggas and gettin' drunk and off that bud
I was doing the sh*t they hadn't heard of
But foolish was I to think that it wasn't no other cities like this
And they didn't like this
That Compton was the home of a foot in yo' ass
Where you got blast
And now that's just a thing of the past
Let me tell ya why firsthand
We did a show up in Oak-land and n*ggas was kickin' up sand
To them bangin' ain't nothin' new, and slangin' ain't nothin' new
And for every n*gga we done shot, they done shot two
Straight doin' low since the sixties before I was born
Families of motherf*ckers mourn
So I'm just letting you know
That if ya plan to take a trip to the Bay
Keep your hand on the clip
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