DJ Quik

"Safe + Sound (Live)"

Some believe in love and some believe in friends
But n*ggas like me believe in making ends
'Cause even when your b*tch wants to trick around
(You know the money's got you safe and sound)

[Verse 1]
Now I'm 'bout to take you back to '84, when I was 14
Kickin' back in the Trees, Westside if you please
And 436 West Spruce was the spot
With me, Wayne, Mike, Shot, Nookie, Slug, and Rock
Donzelly if ya with me, then let that sh*t kick
If your head ain't spinnin' from dippin' all thеm sticks
'Cause way back in the day they usеd love a wet daddy
Screaming "ORALE ESE" with them laces on a Caddy
And you couldn't deny a hit from that buddah tye
Going round and round the driveway
Now it's coming my way
And I'm zoned out at a young age
And the whole Spruce Street was my stage
Peep, now back then I was in the 8th grade steady
But n*ggas my age was getting paid already
Yeah like that n*gga Zam or even young Blue
They made they first million by the age of 22
Like Dan from Cedar block, him and little Motor
James from Piru Street with them boulders
Rest in peace little Noopy he did'nt have to brag
Rollin' to the 10th grade in a fin-O rag
Well goddamn, how can I be down?
I ask my sister Jack for some help and she told me look around
n*gga, they don't sell dope, it sells itself
While they kickback and just collect the wealth
And now I'm thinking
Ain't nothing fly about these dirty ass khakis
T-shirt dingy, Pro Wings tacky
This could be a way to flip that little funky twenty dollars that I earned
Right then is when I learned that
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