Hand in Hand (Live) lyrics


DJ Quik

Ha ha

[Verse 1]
Now who says we can't be fly?
Who say Compton n*ggas can't get they scrilla
At the same time get some thigh
Well uh, that's the subject of my conversation
'Cause ain't nothin' like gettin' a dollar and some penetration
Now that's a whole lot easier to understand nowadays
But uh, some of you n*ggas still be going out sideways
So uh, just take this game with a Tic Tac
'Cause if you was on Skid Row you can get pus*y faster than a Big Mac
I owe it to myself to be fly, that's what Top Dog taught a boy
'Cause instead of Mounds these b*tches always want Almond Joy
'Cause um "Sometimеs they feel like a nut"
But they rathеr have it more often than they don't
So I won't go flippin' and makin' it topsy turvy
Now keep my hundred dollar bills crisp and that ass curvy
'Cause ain't nothin' on my mind but to be fly through time
Havin' a nest egg buried behind an estate that's mine
Watchin' Jordan go for forty in a sunken tub
Watchin' Kobe go for eighty in a sunken tub
Because first you get the power, then you get the money
Then you get the pus*y, dude, don't be no dummy, now
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