DJ Quik

"Born and Raised in Compton (Live)"

[Verse 1]
Now everybody wants to know the truth about a brother named Quik
I come from the school of the sly, wicked and the slick
A lotta people already know excatly where it's at
'Cause it's the home of the jackers and the crack
(Compton) Yes, the name of the hometown
I'm goin' down in the town where my name is all around
Suckers just be havin' a fit, and that's a pity
But I ain't doin' nothin' but (claimin' my city)
See, my lyrics I'm doublin' up and provin' to n*ggas that I can throw
I'm passin a natural ten or four or six or eight before I go
Yes, I'm definitely freestylin', all the while I'm still profilin'
Nеver a trickster, DJ Quikster stеals the show
So, that's how I'm livin'
I do as I please, you see
A motherf*cker that's up on reality
'Cause everybody knows you have to be stompin'
If you're (born and raised in Compton)
Can't hear y'all

(Born and raised)
(Born and raised) What? What we doin'?
(Born and raised) West Coast
(Born and raised in Compton) Yes
(Born and raised) Yes
(Born and raised) Yes
Where you from, fool? (Compton)
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