Lil Uzi Vert


Stars all on my wraith (My wraith)
Millionaire b*tches
(Ayy, Brandon, man, why you do that?)
Stars all in my face
(Oogie Mane, he killed it)
I can't blame no hoes cause actress sh*t is they profession (No no)
She try say I'm funny cause she the one got rejected (Yeah yeah)
He try say I'm fruity cause he starin' at my necklace (pus*y)
And everybody that kept it real always get elected (Come on)
Always wanna talk, always leave a message (Yeah)
I don't wanna talk, I don't read no message (No)
Haters gon' lie (Lie)
But that sh*t don't apply
Made a stilt to eleven
That's thirteen plus one (One)
Fourteen plus two (Yeah)
16 to the reverend (16)
I ain't ever talk to them (16)
Till my family gave all my blessings

Mandatory to the guap
b*tch I'm married to the cheese
Got big hunnids in my nuts (Nuts)
Got blue faces in my jeans (Yeah)
She love when I hit that spot
But girl now you gotta leave (Leave)
Cause I know that you a thot
Yeah, I know know (Yeah)
Yeah, I get so alone (Alone)
I get so high (High)
I be so zoned (Zoned)
Yeah, couldn't believe that I made it here (Oh my god)
Yeah, this my year (This my year)
Well then again, every year my year (Yeah)
Dark skin girl with me with long hair (Hair)
She whip that sh*t around like she don't care
She mixed with Hong Kong (Yeah)
I'ma live in the moment until the sun's gone (Damn)
Jump in the crowd with all my items, now my phone's gone
We got acres on our crib, now the loans gone (Mansions)
We can't even see our neighbors, man they far gone (Facts)
I'm far out alien rockstar (Damn)
I'm a t-rex that wish for long arms (Yeah)
I got an invitation that's for all whores (Come on)
I got one key, open all doors (The master)
Man I been had that swag, don't want that no more (3 years ago)
Don't shop at them stores, man, it's all yours (Go ahead)
Them girls see me once now they all aboard (Let's go)
My mom used to want carpet but we got heated hard floors (Damn)
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