Lil Uzi Vert

"Dead Walking (Remix)"

Wheezy, yeah
Yeah, yeah, let's go

[Verse 1]
My b*tch like it rough (Hello)
Came out the trap with cuts (Ooh)
They tried to kill my brother, no luck (No luck)
Kill yours, I ain't feeling no love
Check on big ol' bucks (Bags)
Blunt stuffed up with Runtz
Calm now, I ain't worried 'bout nothing
Everything here, front on nothing
Up all night, n*gga loading these guns (Load up)
KFC, got drums
Never been a ho, no b*tch, no kind (Uh-huh)
n*gga gotta show me the one (Let's go)
Let them bullets ease your mind
On that slimey stuff
Bags in the Tonka truck (Ayy)
Gon' deliver that to us

[?] my screws (He dead walking), made a hundred racks by noon (Racks)
D-R-A-C-O, Draco, just chill, AR my mood (Ah)
C4 down her throat, she blowing my gang, likе boom (Boom)
I'm wavy, we on different typе of lanes than you (Ooh)
Turn me up, don't turn me down
So much water, you get drowned (It's lit)
b*tch, I'm stuck, can't take my crown
Stickbaby gon' pop, came in with this sound
You ain't get no money, my b*tch on the moon
I been on cool sh*t, going in, work on my moves (Let's go)
(Wheezy out of here)
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