Out of Control lyrics


Lil Uzi Vert

Lyrics from Snippet

Yeah, lets go (Ayy)
Bankroll, bankroll, bankroll (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Count up when bank close (Ayy)
Bank close (Ayy), bank close (Ayy), bank close, yeah (Hey)
Any of y'all know my body, no, I won't ever fold (Ayy)
Girl, where you get that body? Man, that sh*t ain't yours (Hey)
And they be changin' thotties, same way change my clothes
And I be sneakin' molly, makin' your n*gga say, "Woah" (Ayy)
No, I can't feel my body, I'm out of control (Ayy)
No, I don't trust nobody, why I got my pole (Ayy)
Know that I keep this solid, I stand on ten toes (Shh)
No, I won't talk about it 'cause I never told (Lil Uzi)
Me and my guys (My guys), countin' up salaries (Ayy)
I remember, didn't even have a dime, she wouldn't say hi to me (Hi)
Now I'm always on her mind, she's tryna cry to me (Why)
Only way I know you love me, if you die for me (Ayy)
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