Our Intricate Behavior lyrics


On Sunset

This is my time don't tell me to rewind
You said I'll take it right back to die for you
You really went out of your way to lie
Why would I fight with no gain
You're a disgrace to those who want real for real
I can't believe out of all of these thief's
You stole from me the most valuable thing
You never do that sh*t because there ain't no replacing my love
And I don't know what the f*ck is going on
When I think I have a chance everything just f*cking goes wrong
I don't know what to do
Do I come to you do you come to me how long will it f*cking take
Yet ima stay and bare with my mistakes because
I don't know how to feel
What to do with a letter that I've kept concealed
I hate my thoughts you hate this b*tch I hate myself sometimes
Still I'm willing to climb any ladder that you put in my way
I feel this b*tch trynna make me loose it
I hope you know this mountain ima move it
If you ain't got feelings then come prove it
Because I'm tired of the talk if you want to take my life start the jog
It'll serve me better than the word of god I say
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