We Forever lyrics



Uh Uh Uh
Uh Uh Uh

Whole lotta shots whenever I'm riding
I mixed prescriptions for my pain it help me hide it *uh*
Fell in love with your vibe I can't deny
Just know 4nem gone slide before we cry
And ain't no question JB always gone ride even if we die
Keep 33 on my side it’s homicide if you try *uh Uh
Even though I’m famous I’m the same n*gga
We was onat block jus tryna flame a n*gga can’t
Can’t save a b*tch ain’t got no cape lil n*gga

Pour lean on ice hide da pain I can't sleep tonight
Vent to my b*tch about my problems like I need advice
Can't lеave the block I'm always posted likе we stuck 4Life
And for my name 4nem be thirsty just to take a life

Don’t got no worries when I’m riding boy I be through da city
I love my scars I’m quick to show and Ion need no pity
When I was broke I prayed for better I ain’t ask for any
I love lisetta wit my heart boi she forever wit me

*uh Uh Uh* (Boy We Forever) - 7X
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