[Hook: Redboy, *Zkun*]
I put my p*nis in a deep fryer now it is a corndog (*corndog*)
P-p-pus*y ass boy with a stick in his butt, he is a corndog
And the size don’t even matter, he is an eight foot corndog
Its funny cuz his b*tch just gave me a, foot-job

[Verse 1: Redboy]
Okay i just threw my di*k up in the garbage can
I will literally shove myself into an aluminum can
I stole a can of food from the homeless man because i can
This hoe cannot stand cuz this di*k up in my pants

[Verse 2: Fumi]
I just f*cked your b*tch in the back of a Kmart
Jump start out the cart swerving sideways b*tch im smart smart
A la carte my food be cause I eat after dark (
I smoke bleach during the evening got me feeling like i'm Charizard
Yo b*tch on my plan
She pay monthly for my only fans
Walk in dark because I am not scared of the dark
I got like six bucks on me, I can go buy me a corndog
Somehow I eat the stick go to the hospital
They showed me xray I look like a corndog
Yo girl walk up to me like a horndog
But I don’t want cooties she smell like a pornstar
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