"Didn’t ask!"

Konichiwa fumi, hai
Game over
b*tch baby, ugh

[Verse 1: Fumiharo]
Pull up on yo b*tch, and we make a movie (okay, yuh)
Tell her to send me a call, wait okay I lied
Piled up on my line, baby take a sign
I'm not takin' time, you were just a side
Now I'm cuttin' ties
Steal your sh*t, like a pirate
I'm on my Martin Scorsese I'm crazy
Got free wifi on my phone, b*tch I'm lazy
Peter Piper, I hit her regardless
I send yo', b*tch a, text and she callin' me papi
She Call me (Onee-Chan)

[Verse 2: Wav]
Okay I ain't no money, I ain't got no class (what?)
Giving me this attitude, just shut the f*ck up with your sass (with the sass)
My wallet be emptier than a f*cking lays bag
Stop relying on me because I ain't your f*cking dad (I ain't your dad)
I ain't your dad, the way you ask for approval
I been dodging messages, where did they go I just removed them (huh?)
Just removed that f*cking ping, it was annoying, hear you sing like (Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah)
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