Horseshoe G.A.N.G

"Rap Jodeci (Interlude)"

*Phone ringing*
Yo yo
Yo hello hello
Yo yo yo
Supa Bean:
Yo this Supa, can you hear me?
Oh hold on that is you right there ain't it?
Supa Bean:
Stop playing listen
I just listen to y'all whole album right?
Oh word, you functioning with it?
Supa Bean:
Every single song is about f*cking
Nah not every song, see now you with them extras
We got some sh*t on there about heaven and some other sh*t
Supa Bean:
f*cking b*tches
Nah it's like this man
Most rappers make songs about you know trappin poppin mollys And sh*t, right?
The Shoe Gang makes songs about you know
Making sweet ass love to bad ass b*tches
Man who cares beating chicks you know what I'm saying Everybody like that sh*t
Supa Bean:
Nah, but y'all low key getting rapey on b*tches
Y'all like a rap Jodeci
And these chicks can be our floetry
n*gga what's good?
All they gotta do is say yes and say less my n*gga
Supa Bean:
I'm surprised y'all didn't have ass eating Pt.2 on this album
Haha, nah we gon' save that for real life though
Hello? Hello
Anyway man she trippin
Said pray for the pus*y pray for the pus*y
Pray for the pus*y pray for the pus*y
Why the f*ck is that song in my head?
Supa Bean:
'Cause you nasty, that's why
Oh sh*t n*gga, I didn't know you still on the phone

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