n*gga dont f*ck with me ik im not that guy
I just drove on the highway commited a 25
I can live slow and just die whenever
n*ggas Know im just the brightest feather
I wear leather i know ill get the cheddar
I go fight hell like i'm in the nether
I just look at window and the f*cking weather
Your girl just want to takes off her f*cking whatever
f*ck love im not that
Take me to court f*ck a contract
f*ck hoes and f*ck thots they just f*cking rat
Hi my name sxulgeta mane
I kissed her in tokyo what u say ay
U and your crew wack
Draco got that kickback
U think everyone tuff with a melee weapon let’s test that
Lets test that
Ik im not that man
I have the whole world in my hands
Ill see u when i land
I will kiss your girl in tokyo japan
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