Anger [Zorn] lyrics


Kurt Weill

We're at a stand-still! what she's been sending
It's not any money a man can build a house with
She's as giddy as a cyclone!
All the profits go for her pleasure!

And we're at a stand-still, for what she's been sending
Is not any money a man can build a house with
Won't she settle down to business?
Won't she ever learn to save something?
For what the feather-brain is sending is not any kind of money
A man can build a little house with

[Anna I]
We're making progress
We have come to Los Angeles
And every door is open here to welcome extras
We only need a bit of practice
Avoiding possible faux pas
And what can stop us going straight to the top then?

O lord, look down upon our daughter
Show her the way that leads the good to thy reward

[Anna I]
If you take offense at injustice
Mister big will show he's offended
If a curse or a blow can enrage you so
Your usefulness here is ended
Then mind what the good book tells us
When it says: "Resist not evil"
Unforgiving anger is from the devil

It took time to teach my sister that wrath would not do
In Los Angeles, the third big town we came to
Where her open disapproval of injustice
Was so widely disapproved
I forever told her: "Practice self-control, Anna
For you know how much it costs you if you don't"
And she understood and answered:

[Anna II]
Yes, I know, Anna
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