Intro Guru lyrics



Leave this cat a message
Yo Bless, what up, what's poppin', big dawg?
Yeah, it's your man Gu Wizzy
Uh-huh, checkin' in on you
I heard you out there lockin' down those Canada streets like you was talkin' 'bout
That's hot, son
I like that, word is bomb
Smellin' your style, kid
Keep it up, you know I'm out here in NYC
Holdin' it down, keepin' things in motion
As I always do, baby
Just want you to know and remember one thing
Don't ever worry about them haters, man
Huh, you're a young don
And you're supposed to always expect that hater sh*t
Cornballs will be cornballs
And men of respect will be respected
You know what I'm sayin'? Hahaha
Yeah, man, the family never benefits
When the leaders show uncertainty, you heard me?
This is our sh*t, son
Our thing, L-Kid, Platinumberg, connect
It's a rap for these clowns, we on the rise, man
So always remain humble, gully, and rise, man
It's time to get what they owe us, yo
Really though, get back at me hundred mil, baby
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