Meryl Streep

"She’ll Be Back"

No matter what you say
Children won't listen
No matter what you know
Children refuse to learn.Guide the along the way
Still, they don't listen
Children can only grow
From something you love
To something you loose.She'll be back
Next to me, who is he?
She'll be back
She'll be back
She's a fool
She just thinks she'll be free
We shall see
Free is one thing she never will be.Every place that she goes
Every face, every rose
Everything that she does
She'll remember what was
And she'll want to come home
She'll be back
You'll be back!If there's one thing I know
You'll be back
She'll be back.She'll be back
She's just eager to grow
She's just young
By tomorrow or so
Or as long as it takes
Let her go
Let her make her mistakes.I don't care what she thinks about me!
Just as long as she thinks about me
When she thinks of the good times we had
Not the bad
She'll be back.I can wait
She'll be back.Just a matter of when
Till the day we're the way we were then
Once she knows who she is
What she's done
What it's cost
What she's lost.Once she sees having him she has nothing
Once her dreams turn to dust
And she knows who to trust
She'll be back.She'll be back
I'll be here
She'll be back

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