GRAND CHERRY (Remix) lyrics


9th Wonder

[Intro: SWAVAY]
My n*gga Reu, thank you for sendin' me this sh*t, brok
Yeah, it's been a long time since a n*gga made me wanna rap, so

[Verse 1: SWAVAY]
Pray 'fore I sleep, sow what I reap
Sometimes I weep, I ball to my feet
Protectin' myself from the devil and industry n*ggas
This not a lil' rollout or mystique
This for my n*ggas that's bigger than streets
Man, f*ck it, one day you'll be bigger than me
This for my rap n*ggas that's waitin' to pop
But it's takin' too long, feel like countin' sheep
All of my n*ggas that's waitin' on someone to hear that lil' rap or hear that one beat
All of my n*ggas tht knew that they should've been paid but said, f*ck it, I'll do it for free
This for my n*ggas afraid of commitment, ain't never seen Left Eye or Chili but Creep
This for my n*ggas that know they got wifey at home, but there's somethin' 'bout bussin' it freak
I'm bein' too honest, I'm takin' a chance
Feel like my honesty made me a man
I got way past all the sh*t with my daddy
I see 'em today, I'm shakin' his hand
I ain't like none of these rappers that's preachin' that indy sh*t
I was broke like you, bro, take the advance
n*ggas ain't nobody independent any way, take care of your fam
Man, my n*ggas ain't seen what I seen
My own mama ain't know what I'd be
n*gga, ain't nobody think I'd see sixteen, now they pay me to rap sixteens
n*gga, I came from hallways with that p*ss
Knew a whole lotta Bloods, runnin' blocks from them Crips
Now I'm parkin' outside, the garage full of whips
Now a n*gga doin' skin care sh*t with their b*tch
[Verse 2: Reuben Vincent]
Pray 'fore I sleep, spark when I wake
Back when my plug used to bargain me shake
I put all in this art, then I caught me a wave
Like Nas with the fade, couldn't fall for a thang
Salt in my wounds, I was caught in the rain
Treat it like VC, charge to the game
Rose from a home with a hole, left a mold on my soul, that I scold till the boy overcame, they was wishin' I fail
I throw coins in the well, talkin' to God about change, we was nickel and dimin'
Penny for thoughts, but my mind is tryna get out the cage
Out of the way, out the city, they tell me it's filled with envy and hate
Can't concentrate, in survival state, stay the same till the Jeep finally turn to a Range

[Chorus: Reuben Vincent]
Pray 'fore I sleep, sow what I reap, rose from the 'crete
I need all flowers 'fore I leave
I need protection, power and the peace
Don't be afraid, you created a G.O.D
My n*ggas ain't know what I seen
n*ggas ain't know what to think when they saw it was me
Hoppin' out the gray Jeep, Grand Cherry, it's sweet
The taste of revenge, they way we gon' spin, no makin' amends
No pops at home still made me a man
Ain't how it start, it's 'bout it ends
So where or whenever that day come
And they say I'm gone with the wind, stand over me and kiss my cheek
Hug my friends, until we meet again
[Verse 3: Chris Patrick]
Pray 'fore I sleep, trauma reside
Heart in a bind, starvin' to shine
Signed a big deal back in 2021
And I watched how the money scarred all of my guys
Ego inflated, walkin' with pride
Like clothes in a laundry, got washed in the tide
Never had sh*t, so when management f*cked up the bread, it was nuts watchin' all us divide
Woman I used to be with felt neglected
Begged me to change, I always declined
Woman I'm currently with is a lesson
She force me to face all my problems inside
Partner in jail, couldn't send bail
My bank full of money is suddenly dried
Tellin' my momma, I'm finna be straight to assure her
But truth is she know that I'm lyin'
Tried to reconnect with n*ggas I lost in the blaze, was treated as if I was slime
Reflectin' on who I became, in the midst of the war, PTSD on my mind
Savin' the world without savin' yourself from destruction, the reason why most n*ggas die
I wanna sure the next time n*ggas slide out to the crib, I got things I can actually provide
This for the n*ggas preparin' to climb, this for the n*ggas ain't scared of the grind
Acceptin' your failures, versus runnin' away from them hoes, is the difference in if you survive
Prayin' for people who gave me forgiveness, I pray for people who pray I get lined
Pray when it's over we all get to link at the gates and patch up what we lost while alive for sure
Uh, pray before I sleep
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