9th Wonder

"Dreamville Fest"

I have a-, have a dream
It-, it was-, it was all a dream

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, uh
Uh huh, yeah, let's get it
2020 sh*t

Uh, 2020 sh*t
Know the boy sick, nose runny sh*t
And I can make you laugh
But I ain't really on that funny sh*t
Coming correct when I'm hitting the booth and making these hits
And every time I use the pad and the pen
I feel the winner within
Like I'm Lamar with the spin
But will I make it to the top? Well sh*t, it really depends
If people wanna run behind me, and I'm never 'gon rest
'Till I'm playing for 40,000 at that Dreamville Fest
Picture me up on that stage now, Welly be the DJ
Couple young boys kicking game like it's E.A
2k on my G-day, 20 on a free day
Remember cause I used to shop the clearance at the TJ
Then I bring it back and do 100 on the freeway
Money on my mind, cheese head, Green Bay
See the replay, only with the dubs, Redman
Paul Pierce, smoking on that headband, goddamn
Getting hot in herre like it's Nelly in '03
Hot heads got 'em believing everything up on they screen
Nah mean? Cause life ain't really always what it seems
'Till I opened up my eyes and I realized it was all just a-

I have a-, have a dream
(Ah, sh*t)
It-, it was-, it was all a dream
We 'gon have to replay this sh*t all year, all 2020
2020 let's f*cking get it
Yeah, haha
Aye, you better put some respect on my name all 2020, man
All 2020, all-, all 20's, decades
I'm on the come up, man
Ah sh*t

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