9th Wonder


We are the mothers of civilization. We carry the entire nation on our backs. Our wounds have birthed America's greatest accomplishments. But be clear, our wrath will bring her to her knees. I am a black woman, and the black woman is queen

Wind is high and stormy tonight
We can feel it's magical light
As the sea comes speaking to me
Siren voices drift out of key
Wind and sea mix thoughts in my brain
As we feel it's magical light
Wind and sea mix thoughts in my brain
As we feel it's magical light

[Verse 1]
Yeah, sittin' on the scenery, not the full greenest (Wind and sea)
Don't take sh*t personally n*gga, just see the fleshes of they own demon
Our own builders don't get along either (Nah)
Tryna measure my contributions, homie, you gon' need a long needle
My lyrics on a song with a strong beat
Will need my pad just to tell a n*gga your future like a palm reader (Damn)
Under palm tree blowin' weed with my feet up
Ain't never worry 'bout when n*gga even mess a feat up
You shouldn't ever assume, knowledge is king though
Ask 'bout what you wanna know and say what you mean bro
Met [?] do you love n*gga more than they hate they self
When you can make it anywhere, but you don' make it up
Stay in the same hood that kill you 'fore you really take it up
No guy perfect they don't make you fam
Meditatin' to keep from gettin' stuck in my way 'cause it ain't safe enough
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