The Soul Pt. 3 lyrics


9th Wonder

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Classic sh*t, n*gga
This sh*t sound like
Like gold rose to the f*ckin' top
’Cause n*ggas came from the bottom
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, look, soul

This sound like gold business, nah
This sound like build me empires my kids'll later retire off of my old business
This sound like Hov business
REASON here like excuses, look, I'm nuisance
They can’t keep up with my own [?]
Ain't no reason to doubt REASON, the sh*t ain't got no reasonable doubt in it
Thе era of clout finished
We tirеd of house n*ggas, we straight off the couch couches
It's change comin', rain comin', take out your ponchos, the drought finished
Look, I can kick the raps and push the tracks and take the feeling, bring it back like refunds
Don't need the gas, C-CON
We buzzin' now, infinity and beyond
Y’all don’t kick the sh*t y'all even be on
You know the fake drugs and pushin’ tracks, tired of y'all pushin' that
n*ggas age infinity and beyond, that's all you got to speak on
Y’all don't follow Elon?
Y'all ain't pavin' roads for the future mini me's and mini you's to be on
That ain't what me and P on, it's beyond
Why would I TikTok if the Rollie do?
And why would I thank y'all? It's the Holy Ghost that put these quotes in me, soul in me
I came up with power, I know 50, don't diss me
You buildin' a casket, it's so risky
n*gga, I can never stop, too many goals in me
Why now when I'm drivin' it feel like the road's empty?
It used to be crowded, I used to be doubted and now I get the most, "I knew you would make it", the frivolous statements
Ain't no more space on my di*k, the sh*t has been taken
Ain't no more choppin' the bricks, my n*ggas done made it
We had fear of police raids and now we at a time where n*ggas can police aid and still keep sellin' records
I'm born in the wrong year, if you gave me all the pieces, I can put this sh*t together
n*gga, shout out to my nieces when I'm rich, they get whatever
Gotta know money don't make the man
A walkin' hypocrite 'cause once I got paid, I became him to them b*tches
And never trick on 'em, we don't do the frivolous spendin'
And if she ain't a church, why the f*ck would she get some Christians?
If there's me and perfection, the f*ck you gon' tell the difference?
It's God image, it's high livin', my mind gifted
The time tickin', don't give a f*ck about a hook, I'll rap until I'm finished, n*gga I'm REAS'
A world premiere
A world premiere
World premiere
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