Lil Durk

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[Intro: Future]
Wheezy outta here

[Chorus: Don Toliver]
Got a b*tch to ride or die
Ride it like it’s a Maybach
Throw it inside, just so I can leave
f*ck her, just to make you leave (Ay)
Throw it, just to make it move
Check it, just to make it move (Ay)
Got it, just to make you leave
Ride it just to wrap a pen
Never forgive a f*ckin', uh

[Playboi Carti]
(Damn, schyeah)
Uh, I'm spittin' out venom
The baby not real, it's not in 'em

[Ty Dolla $ign]
Whippin' that Benz like a rental
Two hundred cash, my b*tch say I'm mental
[Lil Durk & Don Toliver]
Eleven cars in the garage (Ayy)
Ten automatic, one car's stick shift (Ayy)
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