Lil Durk

"When We Shoot"

(Turn Me Up Josh)
(Young Cutta run it up)

[Verse 1]
I be with demons, and yeah, I admit it
Get too high, got to flush my kidneys
n*ggas be hoes, gotta mind my business
Call from the feds, they'll run up your minutes
Watch these hoes, they'll do it for image
f*ck four hoes, tryna turn me to stripper
I don't trust n*ggas, so I ride with my nickel
Crushed up faces, bustdown emerald
Can't trust twice 'cause it ain't that simple
Ten toes down, I'll ride for my n*ggas
When you ride through the 'Raq, gotta look at it through mirrors
He got caught 'cause I know he didn't
You know damn well you can't duck them switches
You gotta shoot for it 'cause that b*tch be glitchy
I miss my dawg, gotta stay out my feelings
Miss my dawg, gotta stay out my, yeah
Love my block and I love my city, we call hoes eats
Wake up late with 'bout 50K, better brush your teeth
I'ma say no when the n*gga ask, I know he a leech
Contract with the label, b*tch, I'm able, I'm signed to the streets
We ain't no goofies and I told Doody them pills be havin' me nervous
n*gga had shot my brother, when it come to the money, my shawty be constantly purgin'
f*ck my opps, we on his ass, catch 'em, blast, nobody nervous
We on his ass, ain't no pass, foenem do him dirty
I'm with the killers and I be comfortable 'round them gangsters
I'm with the robbers and I be comfortable 'round them gangsters
I give him a thirty, he pop out the car, he gettin' too anxious
Won't give him no X when he got his gat 'cause shorty too dangerous
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