Lil Durk

"Where They Go"

(Ayo Bleu)
(Turn Me Up Josh)
(Young Cutta run it up)
Let's get it

[Verse 1]
I wake up and I be feelin' I'm the realest
Standin' on my business, takin' care of my children
Late for court, I damn near hit civilian
I'm not trippin', I'm tryna get millions
Voice of the streets and all my n*ggas with it
I'm the same n*gga, ain't nothin' different
This just a message, I hope the streets can hear me
You traded on me, man, that had me trippin'
I stopped sippin' lean, but I steady pop prescription (Yeah, yeah)
Jakes on my di*k, so I be duckin' the district (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Somebody tell Pluto I ain't have time to listen (Oh)
Chiraq, I'm Jordan, so I wonder who Pippen?
What I do with this money, they standing on business
My lil' brother, he a big dawg, he coppin' the Bentley
And I ain't gotta have no condo to be on top of the city
Speakin' real sh*t, but the ones I cut off probably don't feel me
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