Lil Durk


Man, they told me, um
My first-week sales, I had like sixty-some thousand, but they don't count J-Pay
How the f*ck you don't count the realest n*ggas, you know what I'm saying?
That's that label sh*t, f*ck that sh*t (Will-A-Fool)

Got kicked out the crib, put a latch on it
It feel good to sleep all in the trap, don't it?
I be hanging 'round killers with racks on me
I done made me some plays and put tax on it
It feel good to come all the way back from it
When you up, they gon' say that you act funny
You feel c*cky, you actually got money
Felt neglected when Chino got snatched from me
If you love the streets more than you love your family, you crazy
They love you more, they adore you more 'cause you made it
They turned they back on me, I forgave 'em, I'm crazy
Them n*ggas gon' go, them n*ggas gon' roll whenever I say it
Them n*ggas some hoes, them n*ggas some hoes, they don't get attention
You would try to ignore when I'm at my lowest, I don't forgive you
I was at my lowest, I couldn't afford it, I was so miserable
I was ditchin' school, mixing lean and juice, I was off chemicals
I ain't got a choice, I got a voice, this sh*t difficult
Waking up to three million dollars cash, that sh*t a miracle
Can't let a b*tch put me on blast, I'm too spiritual
They say I gotta let go of the past, I ain't hearing you
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