No Statements lyrics


Lil Durk

[Intro: Kuttem Reese]
Look, we ain't getting on no live, n*gga
We ain't sending out no threats, n*gga, look
Who the f*ck is KuttemReese?
Who the f*ck is that? (Who is that?)
I'm finna show you right here
I'm finna show you right here

[Verse 1: Kuttem Reese]
We ain't sending out no texts, n*gga
We ain't getting on no live talking about beef and sending out threats, n*gga
All you n*ggas crashin', follow the blind and you crash next, n*gga
Baby Joe can go on that ace of spades to come out as that n*gga
Every time I come, I come direct, n*gga, get your aim right
He let out sixty-two shots, in five attempts, must they aim right?
I wasn’t even dead you missed your target and I was in plain sight
Plain car, everybody get laced up and get them things right
f*ck the red and blue lights, we still gon slide, we doing it the same night
I just got the drop, yeah, after this light, just make the same right
Stretch gang, she must say I scrap know that she a dang dyke
You sent your stepper and guess what happened, that n*gga lost his damn life
I got em hot, I know he mad I got em out his element
He IG Live talkin' paperwork, but he ain't got no evidence
How the f*ck Imma rapper and be KuttEm Reese if I'm supposed to be on that telling sh*t
I would have caught a flight and went with 6ix9ine if I was on that federal sh*t
Y'all ain't really care about y'all n*gga
Y'all just made him shirts
Like the other side, them boys ain't never slide, I know they family hurt
I'm runnin with them Z's, but you know me, I grew up in church
This for that n*gga screamin', "Pressure!" Til' he in the dirt
For that n*gga screamin', "Pressure!" Til' he in the dirt
Rrahh, rrahh, CKN, b*tch

[Interlude: Lil Durk]
Hah, I'm with real gang members in this b*tch right now, real killers for real, bro

[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Get on n*ggas asses, you f*ck with them n*ggas, we don't give out passes
Them n*ggas was bragging, get on their ass and turn they brothers ashes
Dissing me ain't safe, this sh*t for real, my sh*t gon' come with caskets
I hang with some takers, they ain't with me, if you catch them n*ggas asking
Lil' bro give headshots for real
Calm bro down, he off two pills
Slide on opps, bro got the wheel
Black box on the Glock for real
Roll my dawg got two Glocks for real
Dude ass head got shot and lived
I don't let hoes come to the crib, for the cash they'll drop yo' lo' for real
I'm a gangsta, sh*t, I'm a Chiraq baby, what's this like? It's like Iraq, baby
You ain't a ho, I know you like that, baby
That highspeed in that Hellcat crazy
Why you playin'? Ain't no Glock on safety
Switch his tush that top go crazy
Lil' bro treat that Glock like Brady
Drugs and lean, I'm too sedated
What red light? I'm not Toosii, baby
We don't stop at those, you crazy?
I just paid my dawg his bond, I just paid my lawyer eighty
Like, wait, bro, you gotta pause for this
Ayy, b*tch, take off your drawers for this
Ayy, snitch, what you gon' call this sh*t?
I'm rich, free all my dawgs again
Let's get it

Yeah, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm
You can hear them chains clickin' in this motherf*cker
Gang, gang, gang
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