Golden Child lyrics


Lil Durk

(Turn me up, YC)
Smurk (Uh, uh)
(Red, that ho so f*ckin' bumpin', bruh)

[Verse 1]
I share clothes with killers (Let's get it)
Who shot? I don't remember (Yeah)
That b*tch off coke, remember? (Let's get it)
f*ck hoes to Bryson Tiller (Yeah, yeah)
Make freak hoes bite the pillow (Let's get it)
I cut coke for dealers (I cut coke)
If he got more bodies than you, you can't lil' bro the n*gga (Yeah)
You hustle bags to feed the plug, then why you poked the n*gga? (Yeah)
If you got power with that Tommy, you can ghost a n*gga (Yeah)
I f*ck a b*tch, her pus*y dry, I might use lotion with her (Yeah)
Live by the gun, you dyin' by it, them n*ggas ain't coachin' n*ggas (Grrah, grrah)
I really got left with noodles (Noodles)
Know a pit who was born a poodle (Let's get it)
That sh*t wouldn't move, then poot her (Poot her)
That sh*t do feel like voodoo (Let's get it)
You say you got good gas (Good gas), that sh*t be doo-doo (Good gas)
That sh*t foo-foo, feds cracked the case with that sh*t on YouTube (Uh)
Told a old head fresh out of jail, this sh*t right here he ain't used to (Let's get it)
Young n*ggas cuckoo, it don't "baow," that b*tch go "roo-roo"
I'm talking 'bout Dracs and switches (Dracs and switches)
b*tch, I ain't paying for kisses (I ain't payin')
I'm akh, but I love the Christians (Let's get it)
I know an akh who f*ck with Christmas (Let's get it)
Keep that
Keep all that, but, uh, that MAC, you know, like
Man, what?

[Verse 2]
I bought my Lamb' with cash
That boy dead, I'm glad
I don't speak tongues, period, I don't f*ck with Vlad
In New York, I dress like Fab
Too rich to jump in cabs
Sip drank, I don't f*ck with dab
She nosey, close the tab (Yeah)
I'm Smurk, I'm a golden child (Yeah)
I'm a street n*gga, eat at Tao (Yeah)
Hundred mill', I'ma throw in the towel (Yeah, yeah)
I made Avirex still in style (Yeah)
Got a Apex, cover the tab (Yeah)
Make a top b*tch come to the lab (Yeah)
If she quiet, then f*ck her loud (Yeah)
Got gas, don't f*ck with mild (Yeah, yeah)

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
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